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Most music businesses, at least here in the United Kingdom are very small companies. Some of the independent folks here are actually one-man shows, so to speak. The lack of financial freedom for a performer or band at the same time trying to be successful in this business is certainly a major challenge for many.

As is the case with almost any type of business, the music business too requires often tedious and time-consuming work that very often has really nothing to do with your musical passion.

I can tell you about the countless hours I spent myself  looking up shipping costs or import regulations when I wanted to send out demo CDs or whatever other merchandise to my customers.

It may seem like a trivial thing at first, but don’t assume that sending a tape or CD, let’s say to China, Russia or Japan is easy and straightforward. It is not.

Once I realised that orders from overseas increased (which in itself of course made me very happy!) I faced a problem that I couldn’t handle all the paperwork any longer. So what I did is to get myself a software for the management of shipping documentation. Low and behold, this smart piece of software definitely helps me big time with my business. It don’t need to worry about customs forms any longer and I can see immediately about  how much shipping and handling to a particular country would be. I found this way to handle and manage my shipping documentation so helpful that I would definitely recommend it to you in case you face those same challenges as I did!