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pilates Hackney

I don’t know about you, but we had a hard time finding a suitable place for Pilates here in Hackney, East London. Here is our story: my wife got very interested in Pilates, for the one or the other reason. I guess she got the idea from one of those “women magazines” she is reading all the time.

So we checked several fitness studios here in the area, each one of those where they said they offer Pilates classes, but no matter where we looked at, they all seemed kind of crappy.

The first fitness studio that we checked, we were immediately put off by rather unfriendly staff.

Well, “the staff”, it was only one person working a desk, and that person seemed extremely annoyed to give us any kind of information about their classes. She still tried to sell as a membership though, even though we mentioned several times to her that we were only looking for Pilates courses.

The next studio that we checked out was not much better. It was a very large, known fitness chain and at least they had several people working on the premises at the time when we got there. It turned out that their Pilates classes where, how should I call it, more like a gimmick where they have several inexperienced students as “teachers”. They also didn’t have a real interest in getting as signed on for their Pilates classes, but instead also tried to sell us their normal gym membership.

This entire ordeal basically repeated itself a few times.

This was until Jenna told us about London Fields Fitness where she is currently going to their yoga classes. She is very happy with them, but we didn’t know whether they also offered Pilates. Long story short, yes they had. And now Jenna is also going to the Pilates classes with my wife because she thinks there are even “cooler” than the yoga classes. So if you are looking for a good place for Pilates Hackney, you might want to check out London Fields too! As for myself, I haven’t been at their Pilates classes but I can attest that the studio itself is very nice, with modern equipment and very friendly staff. And according to my wife, the Pilates classes are fantastic and I have no reason to doubt her.

Here is a good link for you if you want to learn more about Pilates: